Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maple Beer

We brew Maple Beer yesterday- We start with a smooth brown lager and add just the right amount of maple to give you a hint of maple flavor and aroma without being overly sweet. Wonderfully Different!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Belgian Tripel brew on Feb 13 2010

Winter Belgian Tripel- Tripel was originally a name convention used by Trappist breweries to describe the strongest beer in their range. It includes a healthy amount of malt with added candy sugar to increase the alcohol and add dryness. Two hop additions add a subtle spiciness. A belgian strain of liquid yeast.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Update on 20th Anniversary Ale - Scottish Wee Heavy

We move this to the carboy on Friday as well the air lock slow done a little bit but still working. By far this brew well keep you on your toes for the first week and keep you watch everyday to make sure it does get crazy.

Holiday Ale

So on Feb 5 2010 Friday we made a holiday ale in the snow. This was a one hour brew. This year’s creation is a traditional style Holiday Ale, with a rich smell full of pumpkin pie spice, orange and ginger. As you taste this rich amber ale the subtle hints of cardamom come through. We hope you enjoy this comforting ale on those cold winter nights that lie ahead and have a great holiday with friends and family! So it Monday now just check the beer and the airlock going crazy. As my little one would say daddy there bubbles.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

20th Anniversary Ale - Scottish Wee Heavy

This was today brew. Malt is KING in Scottish Ales and this one is no exception. Rich copper color with a smooth, slightly smoky, complex malt flavor. Hints of caramel that are developed by an extended boil are allied with classic hops from the U. K. The authentic liquid Scottish Ale yeast (included) really accents the flavors. Higher in alcohol, this is sure to please the patient connoisseur. Celebrate 20 years with us by raising a toast with this outstanding Scottish Ale.

Jan 31, 2010

So its mid-morning and we are in the house with our two daughters Bailey and Madison and our English Mastiff kids as well Tank and Cammie! Last night we got home from The Home Brewery, after placing my order for 31 beer kits and accessories. We have made a few batches in the past but this time its different. We are going to keep a track of everything over the next year. Today we plan to make our first kit and well, don't know which one to choose. I think we will have one of our daughters pick a random box and start from there!

We'll be back later to tell you and start posting pictures of these crazy times!